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Calling everyone who loves nature: See where almost half the energy comes from: the Robert-Bourassa generating facility. Climb aboard a bus to discover the sheer immensity of Hydro-Québec’s structures, look up at a dam as tall as a 53-storey building ...
Parc linéaire et sentier écologique de Radisson
D'une longueur de 1,3 kilomètres, le sentier du parc linéaire vous fait découvrir l'aménagement nordique su noyau villageois de Radisson. Il mène au sentier écologique Hudson d'où vous pouvez contempler la nature et les particularités de l'environnement ...
Hélicoptères Whapchiwem
This company is the only Native helicopter carrier based in Baie-James. It offers passenger transportation services and conducts aerial work. Recreation flights are also available for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, as well as those who simply wish to ...