Minigolf Parks in Quebec
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Minigolf Parks in Quebec
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Putting Edge
The Putting-Edge is a fun and safe recreational centre for all ages where visitors will find an indoor 18-hole glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course with music, and a variety of arcade games. Everything glows in the dark: the captivating miniature golf ...
Le Rigolfeur Saint-Félicien
The Rigolfeur is a mini-putt course full of pranks with branches around Quebec as well as Canada. The very Quebecois-style concept of the Rigolfeur is known for its originality and fun pranks and has come a long way since its first appearance in the mid ...
Glo Golf Aventures
Located in a redesigned church, Glo Golf Aventures offers you an 18-hole course played in the dark and featuring a setting accentuated with black lights. Along our course, you’ll wander through whimsical landscapes, travel under the sea, head into space ...
Mini-Golf Le petit Géant
As a small replica of Le Géant golf course, the mini-golf Le Petit Géant serves up lots of fun for friends and family at a very mini price. Le Petit Géant is located next to L’Aquaclub La Source. * Please register in the virtual queue on the day of your ...
Chalets-Camping Mini-Putt Des Sillons
436, chemin de la Dune-du-Sud
Havre-aux-Maisons, Qc, Canada
G4T 5H1
Mini-Putt Beauport
156, rue Seigneuriale
City of Québec, Qc, Canada
G1E 4Y6
Mini-Put Longueuil 2005
3560, chemin de Chambly
Longueuil, Qc, Canada
J4L 1N8
Club De Golf Les Rivières Inc.
6500, boulevard des Forges
Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada
G8Y 7E3
Cascades Golf
525, chemin de Saint-Jean
La Prairie, Qc, Canada
J5R 2L2
Rigolfeur Gatineau (Le)
1870, boulevard Maloney Est
Gatineau, Qc, Canada
J8R 3Z4