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Directory of attractions - Saint-Félicien
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Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien
Located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the unique Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien is a must-see! In a large 485-hectare complex for animals that provides unique contact with over 500 animals and 86 native and exotic species, you will get your chance to explore ...
Planétarium de Saint-Félicien
The planetarium of Saint Félicien, located 5 minutes from downtown, offers unforgettable nights under the stars. The sky is covered? No problem! 3 hours of animation inside is proposed allowing you to observe the sky far from the rain and the cold. The ...
Club Tobo-Ski Inc.
This winter, you are invited to come and participate in the many activities of the Tobo-Ski inc. You can take snowboarding or downhill skiing lessons... or slide cross-country skiing all winter long! The ideal ski center for the whole family!
Le Rigolfeur Saint-Félicien
The Rigolfeur is a mini-putt course full of pranks with branches around Quebec as well as Canada. The very Quebecois-style concept of the Rigolfeur is known for its originality and fun pranks and has come a long way since its first appearance in the mid ...
Go-Kart / Karting Saint-Félicien
Go-Karts et Karting St-Félicien invites you to come and have fun with family and friends. The karting circuit is for participants ages 12 and up, and the go-kart course is suitable for the whole family. Special, save alternatives are tailored to kids ...
Glace et rivières
Ideal place to initiate yourself to the joy of navigating on the water: kayak, pedal boat, paddle board, rabaska. Many interesting destinations: Beach, islands, restaurant, terrace, calm river with very little traffic. For the more experienced you will ...
Restaurant Le Baumier
e Baumier invites you to live the experience of pleasure at the table, in a charming and friendly setting. The two chefs Patrick Fournier and Sébastien Simard offer you avant-garde dishes, inspired by Nordic flavors. You will be able to discover tasty ...
BOUCHARD Artisan Bio
Come meet BOUCHARD Artisan Bio and visit the land as well as the dairy farm in Saint-Félicien, in the Lac-Saint-Jean region! The site is fun to explore with the family and children are welcome! Here is a unique opportunity to demystify the production ...
Centre Equestre Norcel
2759, route Saint-Eusèbe
Saint-Félicien, Qc, Canada
G8K 2P5
Club nautique Saint-Félicien 1991