Engaging, thought-provoking activities at the Canadian Museum of History

Attractions to discover, January 1, 2024 2024-01-01

Building of the Canadian Museum of History from the outside under the snow
Make the most of your visit to the Canadian Museum of History and admire the stunning building! Photo credit: Marie-Louise Deruaz

With its grandiose architecture and its exhibitions designed for the whole family, the Canadian Museum of History promises a memorable cultural experience. Located in Gatineau, bordering on the Ottawa River, the most popular museum in Canada explores the country’s rich cultural heritage, including the remarkable actions of the First Peoples.

This winter, what would you say to discovering the universe of icebergs, travelling to the Arctic, exploring the world of Canadian sport and having a blast at the Children’s Museum?

Two captivating and heartwarming activities

Take advantage of your visit to discover Iceberg, an immersive experience of architecture, sound and light. Icebergs are monuments of millennial ice reacting to water’s infiltrations and emitting sounds akin to those of gigantic organ pipes. The luminous arches of Iceberg create a musical corridor in which you will be able to hear the giant organ and even play it. Human activity, that “warms” these icebergs, transforms them into a symphony of sound and visuals and so offers a playful reflection on climate change.

On another note, the museum invites you on an extraordinary expedition by offering Arctic: Our Frozen Planet. This magnificent film will plunge you into the wonderful world of the wildlife that inhabits it and will teach you about the climate changes the Arctic is experiencing, which are occurring faster there than elsewhere on the planet.

Canada’s Got Game! A special display demonstrates what sports are all about!

This exceptional special display will wow you with its objects coming from both Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame’s collection and the museum’s own. You will discover objects that once belonged to some of Canada’s sports personalities, such as skier Jean-Luc Brassard, soccer player Charmaine Hooper as well as cyclist and speed skater Clara Hughes. You will also see interpretative panels and nine display cases exhibiting objects that reflect the diversity of Canadian sports and athletes through the years.

Enriching experiences to transport young and old

The whole family will enjoy discovering other cultures at the Canadian Children’s Museum, whether it’s by travelling the world on board a Pakistani bus, by loading parcels onto a cargo ship or by visiting homes in different countries. Also, don’t miss the chance to express your creativity in the family Studio and to discover CINÉ+ and its rich programming, which is sure to impress with its oeuvres of cinematography offering unbelievable odysseys. What’s more, these films are included in your museum experience!

Happy family discovering the museum
With two museums in one, there's something for the whole family! Photo credit: Photolux Studio

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