Fill up on culture at the Canadian Museum of History

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Canadian Museum of History
Fill up on culture at the Canadian Museum of History

Take a trip to Gatineau to the Canadian Museum of History - Canada's largest museum of human history - to see the new exhibition Lost Liberties - The War Measures Act. Produced by the Canadian Museum of History, it offers both a look at Canada's contemporary history and a reflection on the difficult balance between national security and personal freedoms.

Lost Liberties: the harsh reality of war measures

Presented by the Canadian Museum of History until September 5, 2022, Lost Liberties - The War Measures Act is an exhibition that probes the fears, racism and crises that drove to the suspension of civil liberties in Canada during the World Wars and the 1970 October Crisis. These tragic times in Canadian history are told through photographs, drawings, quotes, audio and video testimonials, and objects that highlight the experiences of the people whose stories are presented.

Lost Liberties not only places these crises in their historical context, but also examines them from multiple perspectives and, most importantly, presents poignant accounts from adults and children who lived through them. It also highlights the incarceration of many Canadians from diverse communities during the two World Wars and the October Crisis.

A must-see museum loved by all!

The Canadian Museum of History houses three major exhibitions that focus on the heritage of Canada's Indigenous Peoples. The impressive Grand Hall provides a vivid overview of the stories and cultural and spiritual heritage of the First Peoples of the Pacific Coast. The First Peoples Hall highlights the history, diversity, creativity, resourcefulness and endurance of First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada. And in the Canadian History Hall, Indigenous stories are an integral part of the national narrative, which spans 15,000 years. The three galleries in this room provide a powerful testament to the rich cultural, survival, regeneration and vitality of Indigenous Peoples.

Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of History
The Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of History

But that’s not all! Each visit to the museum combines discovery and wonder through a rich collection that is presented in many ways. Families will love the museum too, as a series of fun activity sheets have been designed specifically to help them discover the various exhibitions.

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