The Ecomuseum Zoo: the perfect place for families to visit

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Red fox at the Ecomuseum Zoo
Photo credit: Zoo Ecomuseum

On the western tip of the island of Montreal, about 30 minutes from downtown, you'll find the only outdoor wildlife park on the island, the Ecomuseum Zoo, devoted entirely to Quebec wildlife. In a natural and enchanting environment, the Ecomuseum Zoo invites you to discover different species of Quebec mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. It's the ideal place for a family getaway on a beautiful winter's day!

Love is in the air!

The Ecomuseum Zoo's calendar of winter activities is always packed! From educational presentations to zoo bingo, every weekend is a lively one! And during spring break, love is in the spotlight, and there will be lots of fun facts for visitors who want to learn all about what "love" looks like for animals, from seduction to parenthood to reproduction. Stay tuned for details of the next Zookeeper-for-a-day activity, which will also take place during spring break! Places are limited for the children's camp and the “Breakfast” activities with the animals. Be sure to book online!

An Easter egg hunt that’s bigger and better than ever!

Easter weekend is another popular time of year at the Ecomuseum Zoo thanks to a colourful activity that will delight visitors of all ages: the now-traditional Easter egg hunt! Kids will be invited to search for the Easter eggs on posters placed around the site next to the habitats of different animals. The goal is to fill out the entire Easter passport. This unique activity is the perfect opportunity to learn all about Quebec wildlife while having fun. Keep your eyes peeled... you might even find a magic egg!

River otter at the Ecomuseum Zoo
Photo credit: Zoo Ecomuseum

The new stars at the Ecomuseum!

One of the biggest news stories at the Ecomuseum recently has been the arrival of two adorable river otters: Taj and Missi! Some otters are rather solitary, but this new dynamic duo seems to be getting along very well! They're both enjoying discovering their habitat and slowly getting to grips with their new living area, which has been completely renovated and improved for them. Taj and Missi are playful, sociable otters who love to greet visitors. Keep your camera nearby and be ready to snap the best picture!

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