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Skiing in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region © Patric Nadeau

Nestled between the shores of the St. Lawrence River and the Appalachian Mountains, the Bas-Saint-Laurent region is a true paradise for winter enthusiasts. Here are three popular activities to try this winter in the region!

Ice fishing cabins on a frozen lake
Ice fishing. Photo credit: Lise Pelletier

Ice fishing

Winter marks the return of the picturesque fishing villages: temporary cabins on frozen bodies of water for ice fishing. Inside each cabin, there’s a hole drilled in the ice where you can cast your line to catch rainbow smelt, cod, turbot and many other fish species. This traditional Nordic activity is an excellent pastime for fishing enthusiasts and a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones inside these cozy cabins. The best part? You can catch your own dinner!

Ice climbing

If you enjoy rock climbing in the summer, why not try ice climbing in the winter? The Bas-Saint-Laurent region has climbing routes for beginners and experienced climbers alike. You can climb frozen waterfalls and cliffs surrounded by breathtaking landscapes covered in snow and ice. Among the many places to climb, the Parc des Chutes, with its 13 main waterfalls, is the only site in Quebec with an artificial ice system, making it perfect for a breathtaking winter experience. Before starting your climb, choose a route that matches your skill level and make sure you have all the necessary equipment!

Group of climbers at the foot of an icy cliff
Ice climbing. Photo credit: Patric Nadeau


With its breathtaking scenery, abundance of natural snow and unbeatable conditions, Bas-Saint-Laurent is an exceptional destination for skiing and snow sports. Whether you prefer natural or groomed trails, snow-covered glades, snow parks or expert runs, there’s something for everyone. Bas-Saint-Laurent has three renowned ski resorts for skiers of all levels, including families with young children who want to learn to ski safely on one of the bunny hills. With friendly resorts and equipment rental services at your disposal, you’re sure to have a memorable stay in the region!

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