4 ways to explore Indigenous Quebec
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Discovering the members of Indigenous Tourism Quebec means choosing a high-quality, authentic tourist experience. Learn about ancestral traditions as well as modern experiences, taste typical dishes, travel to the past, follow the rhythm of the drums and go on larger-than-life adventures. Whether you are interested in art and culture, gastronomy or outdoor expeditions, you will find traditional values of hospitality and sharing among the 11 Indigenous Nations in Quebec.

Indigenous gastronomy: a growing art

Traditional and contemporary Indigenous gastronomy is sure to delight foodies. Indigenous Tourism Quebec puts the spotlight on restaurants, hotels and culinary artisans serving up authentic cuisine and a multitude of flavours from Indigenous cultures. Chefs from all Nations are passionate about concocting daring food and fine dining creations inspired by a rich cultural heritage.

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Photo credit: Indigenous Tourism Quebec

Living heritage at Indigenous museums

Indigenous museums and cultural sites are places of living heritage and pride where memories are handed down from time immemorial and shared with the utmost respect for tradition and modernity. All around the province, Indigenous cultures are highlighted different art forms. Museums and cultural sites expose the history and specificities of a Nation, inviting you to discover a rich culture and fascinating way of life.

The Pow-Wow Trail: an atmosphere of festivities

Would you like to take part in a gathering all about sharing? Indigenous Pow-Wows and events are open to all and celebrate cultural pride. They offer communities the opportunity to get together, share good times and trade knowledge. Among Indigenous rituals and traditions, the Pow-Wow is the ultimate celebration of ancestral culture. Music, art, crafts and food are featured on weekends throughout the summer.

Passionate guides who are one with nature

Indigenous people have always cultivated a close relationship with nature and have become true guides. Quebec's natural environments are vast and diverse and have been, for thousands of years, a place of life and subsistence of the First Peoples. Choose to explore the immensity of Indigenous territories in ancestral forests, clear streams or on steep mountains. Do you dream of a thrilling canoe trip, of going on a black bear-watching expedition or of discovering edible and medicinal plants? Follow the guide... and let yourself be transported into an authentic adventure.

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Photo credit: Indigenous Tourism Quebec

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