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Pow Wow de Wendake, Crédit : Audet Photo
Wendake Pow Wow, Credit : Audet Photo

The members of Indigenous Tourism Quebec offer high-quality, authentic tourist experiences. Visiting them is a chance to learn more about ancestral traditions, taste typical dishes, travel to the past and live in the present. Whether you are interested in art and culture, hunting and fishing, nature and adventure or accommodations and gastronomy, you will discover that these experiences are absolutely priceless.

The return of Pow Wow

If you've never been to a Pow Wow, don't miss the chance to participate in these major events that truly appeal to all the senses. Listen to the vibration of the drums as they blend together with the voices of the singers, admire the flamboyant colours of the regalia, each piece of which carries profound meanings, sample traditional and contemporary Indigenous cuisine and immerse yourself in the cultures of the First Nations by discovering artisanal objects and various handmade crafts and items. Every Pow Wow is a one-of-a-kind and varies from nation to nation.

To find out which Pow Wow are being held this year and plan a visit, check out the 2021 Pow-Wow Trail presented by Indigenous Tourism Quebec. Some events welcome visitors in person while others are offering a virtual event. Many Pow Wow are scheduled for August and September.

Plan a visit to Indigenous tourist attractions

Indigenous tourism businesses offer a variety of experiences. Choose from exhibits at museums or interpretive sites, nature activities such as kayaking and whale watching, or a visit to a longhouse. Not only will you make rewarding discoveries, but you’ll also be supporting Indigenous businesses and encouraging local tourism. For more information, visit the Things to do on the Indigenous Tourism Quebec website.

Pow Wow de Kahnawake
Pow Wow de Kahnawake, Crédit : Audet Photo

Add an indigenous flavour to your holidays

Ajoutez une saveur autochtone à votre été

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