How to get closer to Indigenous cultures
Attractions to discover, May 22, 2023 2023-05-22
Discover Indigenous Québec © Alexis Pageau

There are many unique and interesting ways to discover the rich Indigenous cultures in Quebec this summer. Get to know the 11 Indigenous nations in the province during an authentic, deeply human experience. Wonderful moments of sharing amid nature, culture and festivities await.

Connecting with nature

Boreal forest as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches: Indigenous territories are home to the most beautiful natural landscapes in Quebec. Whether you head out to the sea for whale watching, the forest for hunting or the shores of a fresh-water lake for fishing, there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do to soak up the immensity of ancestral Indigenous lands. And what better way to reconnect with nature than by taking part in a culinary workshop, embarking on a spiritual quest, or listening to stories around a campfire before a good night’s sleep under a starry sky?

Discover places of living heritage
Discover places of living heritage. Photo credit: Gaëlle Leroyer

Immersing yourself in art and culture

Indigenous cultures are rooted in the territory and steeped in traditions and millennium-old knowledge. Museums and cultural sites are key places to immerse yourself in Indigenous heritage, past and present. These sites, showcasing the history and cultural wealth of First Nations and Inuit, foster a shared discovery and understanding between peoples. Artists and crafters from Indigenous communities also share a commitment to ensuring that their ancestral know-how is preserved and passed down; just think about the meticulous work that goes into the design of moccasins or beaded necklaces.

Celebrating traditions

From May to September, gatherings are held throughout Quebec to celebrate Indigenous cultural pride. Pow Wows are long-standing community celebrations featuring traditional drums, dances and songs. Attending a Pow Wow – or any of the many events highlighting the heritage and cultural identity of First Nations and Inuit – is something you can’t miss if you want to soak up the Indigenous culture and traditions, which are handed down from one generation to the next.

Pow Wows are incredible moments of gathering
Pow Wows are incredible moments of gathering. Photo credit: Simon Clark

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