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What makes Quebec villages tick? This is the question you ask yourself when heading out to discover the province’s regions like a local, to experience them like someone from the area. Being familiar with local culture and taking part in local traditions are signs of respect and authenticity you hold dear. Knowing where to eat, grab a beer, unearth terroir products and have fun as if you were born in the region… it’s something you prize. The best-kept secrets, local customs, expressions and rituals stock the bags of the curious traveller that you are, interested and observant. From Saguenay’s blueberries to the native and Amerindian villages of Quebec and the poutines in Centre-du-Québec, you have a hearty appetite for regional treasures!
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Ilnu Museum of Mashteuiatsh - Kakanauelitakanitshuap
Learn the thousand-year-old history of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh people through exhibitions, an outdoor trail and passionate local guides.
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The site of La Maison amérindienne allows you to discover multiple facets of Indigenous cultures in Quebec and Canada. Inaugurated at the turn of the century, in the year 2000, La Maison amérindienne is ...
Category: Museum     
Region: Mont-Saint-HilaireMontérégie     
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Visitors can delight in the island’s plentiful and flavourful agricultural heritage and gorgeous scenery.
Experience:  Country Living     
Author:  Quebecgetaways     
Date :  2019-07-01
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They offer discovery tours in an exceptional environment. Located on George River, northeast of Schefferville in Northern Québec, you will discover the authentic Innu Nation. Archaeologists consider this ...
Category: Hospitality Village     
Region: Baie-ComeauCôte-Nord     
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