Ice fishing: a different way to enjoy winter!

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Pêche sur glace chez Parc Découverte Nature
Photo credit: Parc Découverte Nature

In winter, the frozen surfaces of many waterways in Quebec are dotted with small cabins for ice fishing. This activity, a legacy of the First Nations, is very popular today as a way of enjoying the simple pleasures of winter and getting fresh air. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, you’re sure to love this extraordinary experience!

Please remember that travelling outside of your own region is not recommended.

The quintessential place for an intro to ice fishing

During the cold season, the fishing circuit at Parc Découverte Nature, located in Coaticook, is transformed into a vast icy expanse. Bringing your own fishing rods is recommended, but if you don’t have any, the park will provide you with some, as well as bait. In addition, a team of guides is on site to help you install the bait and remove your catch from the hook. It's the perfect opportunity to learn how to fish!

Impressive locations to tease the fish

In the Outaouais, at the Centre touristique du Lac-Simon, fish for brook trout at the Lac de la Ferme. A brand-new package offered there this winter includes 5 holes, 5 tip-ups, a container of 18 worms and 4 hot drinks. If you don't have a fishing permit, you will be able to get one not far from the centre. The establishment also offers you lovely, comfortable and well-equipped cottages that will allow you to reconnect with nature.

At Aventure Lac Saint-Jean, you are invited to fish for walleye, pike and perch on the ice of this majestic, immense body of water. All-inclusive fishing packages with a guide are available to aspiring anglers, and there are also options without a guide for the more experienced. The passionate team is there to take care of you and do everything possible to make your fishing trip a success!

Child ice fishing
Ice fishing: a winter activity for all ages!

Combine fishing and a getaway

In the Portneuf region, Au Chalet en Bois Rond welcomes fishing enthusiasts of all ages who wish to enjoy the beauty of the winter landscape while practising their favorite activity. An outlined safe ice fishing area is set up on Lac des Loutres, which is stocked with speckled trout year-round. Equipment and bait are also provided. Take the opportunity while you’re there to stay in one of the magnificent cottages and discover the many activities available on the site.

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