Booking your summer vacation early: 5 benefits to consider!

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Booking early has many benefits. © Marie-Anne Gaudreault

Does this sound like you? Every year, you plan your vacation from A to Z, without forgetting a single detail! Hotel rooms booked, luggage packed, restaurant reservations taken care of, tickets carefully stored in your emails... a clear vision of what your days will look like and all of the activities you can’t wait to enjoy. Everything is in place for an amazing vacation!

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OK, let’s be serious...

Maybe you’re not completely on top of things just yet! And rest assured, you’re definitely not the only one who feels that way. That said, the benefits of booking early cannot be overlooked, and even small steps will make your life easier. Whether your motivation to book early is saving money, planning a top-notch custom travel experience, snapping up exclusive offers or simply feeling like everything is under control, these benefits are sure to convince you to make booking early a habit.

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Benefit #1: saving money, saving money, saving money!

It’s a well-known fact: it’s often better for your wallet to plan your vacation in advance, and that's true for everything from accommodations to transportation and activities. Hotels, tourist attractions and businesses of all kinds often offer special discounts or promotions in the spring to encourage you to book early so they can be part of your vacation plans.

By booking several weeks or even months ahead of the start of your vacation, you’ll have a better chance at getting the best hotel rates and the most affordable car rentals. Are you planning to visit a remote destination in Quebec? In some cases, you might be surprised to find that air travel is your most budget-friendly option!

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Do you also plan to take several shorter trips on weekends? Consider buying a season pass or season ticket to an attraction you’ll be visiting many times over the summer, such as an amusement park, national park or water park. Not only can these passes be available at a lower price before the season starts, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of them for the whole season: as soon as the weather’s right!

Ultimately, the steps you take to book your vacation early help you to stick to your budget – and even spend less than expected. And why not turn those savings into an upgrade or an extra activity if you’ve got the time!

Benefit #2: being able to adapt to unexpected changes

Have you just realized that your vacation is the same week as your nephew’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s uncle’s 70th birthday (and you wouldn’t miss that for the world!)? Did you start out planning a road trip before realizing that travelling by train would be even nicer (and that you’d save on gas!)? Did your couple’s cruise turn into a camping trip with friends at an outfitter’s?

Whatever the reason for your change of plan, it will always be easier to modify your reservations without any problem if you do so well in advance, whether it involves a minor detail or a major part of your stay. On that note, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully when you book and check cancellation options and the level of flexibility that is allowed.

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Benefit #3: being able to plan the exact vacation you want

When you’ve got a specific idea in mind, it can be a real shame to have to rethink your long-awaited vacation or give up an activity you really wanted to do. Booking early is essential to avoid having to compromise or settle. So keep disappointment at bay and start filling your calendar now!

Choose exactly the dates, destinations and activities you want by booking early. A word of advice: don’t forget the restaurants where you’ll be eating as well, and make your reservation right away to dine at the time that suits you best. Because even though you might have more free time on vacation, you’ll probably want to avoid waiting too long to eat!

Planning and booking in advance is always a good practice when there’s a need to coordinate schedules, like for a group trip or one involving several families. You’ll have a better chance of getting connecting rooms at the hotel or finding the ideal cottage to accommodate a large group comfortably. And by booking in advance, you’ll have more time to optimize logistics and reconfirm your reservations if you feel the need.

Benefit #4: getting access to exclusive experiences or hot tickets

Have you planned your vacation around a once-in-a-lifetime concert or a festival you don’t want to miss? All the more reason to book not only your main activity, but everything else around it as soon as possible.

Booking early is a way to get tickets at a lower price during a festival presale, lock in your ideal tee time for a golfing trip, book a sublime cruise with limited spots on board or organize an exclusive guided group tour.

When it comes to lodging, this year you may be tempted to try one of the many whimsical accommodation options available in Quebec, sure to add originality to your vacation. You should keep in mind that the campgrounds, parks and zoos (oh yes, some zoos let you sleep next to the animals) that specialize in these types of accommodations have a very limited number of units available. So if you’re dreaming of sleeping in a prospector’s tent, a floating cabin, a bubble under the stars or a suspended bird’s nest (yes, it’s a thing!), don’t wait any longer to reserve your place!

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Benefit #5: enjoying peace of mind

Last but not least, this benefit is the ultimate reward before your vacation even begins. Give “future you” a helping hand while enjoying the satisfaction of checking every item off your list. Once you take the mental load off your shoulders, all that’s left to do is dream and count the days!

Too excited to wait for summer to go on vacation? Then these suggestions are perfect for helping you make the most of spring through flavourful and relaxing experiences or activities to awaken your body and mind.

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