Booking directly with the hotel – beneficial for all!

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Booking directly with the hotel – beneficial for all!
Booking directly with the hotel – beneficial for all!

Planning a vacation to Quebec and booking your stay directly on the hotel’s website or by phone is the best way to prepare a trip that meets your needs. Make sure you locate the establishment’s official website when searching online.

Nothing beats direct contact with the hotel

Although the number of online travel agencies has been increasing over the past years, the best and safest way to book is by contacting the hotel directly. OTAs may offer travellers quick and easy ways to find great prices, but they cannot replace a direct contact with the establishment that will welcome you on your trip. Employing a middleman also adds an extra step to the process, which can make requesting changes to your reservation more complex.

By dealing directly with the hotel, you know you are getting the correct information and you have the opportunity of asking for information about things to do and places to see. Whether you’re interested in the area’s must-see attractions or the most delicious restaurants in town, your best bet is always to ask the people who live there – they are your closest allies!

Buying and booking locally: profitable for all!

Booking a hotel room directly with the hotelkeeper is an example of buying local. It’s a simple way for Quebec travellers to express their preference for this type of purchasing, a form of ethical consumerism that is gaining more and more ground in Quebec. When you buy local, you support a Quebec company, there is no middleman and the revenue made from your reservation stays in Quebec.

Acheter et réserver local procure de nombreux avantages!

Many advantages to consider

When you reserve directly via the hotel’s official website or phone number, you can benefit from personalized service and the choice of your room and you have access to information about ongoing promotions, package deals and possible perks like breakfast or parking spaces. You’ll often get a better price and you might even get an upgrade.

Consult our lodging directory and book your next vacation now directly with the hotel.

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