We love spring in Quebec! Here’s why…

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Enjoy spring in Quebec! © Marie-Anne Gaudreault

Winter is officially behind us, giving way to an in-between season marked by the arrival of buds and slowly returning warmth. Spring is a time when nature comes back to life, bursting with colour and the promise of new discoveries.

Spring is an often-overlooked season that comes with many surprises for anyone looking to explore. It offers a unique atmosphere of blossoming charm, when prices are generally lower and places are less crowded.

Whether you’re looking to go on a day trip or an extended getaway, you’ll love discovering the palette of experiences in Quebec that are as colourful as a field of tulips. Here are a few of our top reasons why we love indulging in spring – to keep you busy until summer!

Close-up of a line of maple taffy sticks on the snow.
Spring is the perfect time to indulge at the sugar shack. Photo credit: Patricia Delisle

It’s a time to enjoy seasonal activities

Spring in Quebec is synonymous with maple syrup! As soon as the sap begins to flow, the tradition of sugaring off attracts maple enthusiasts from far and wide. There’s nothing like getting a burst of sweetness at a sugar shack or maple festival to celebrate nature’s bounty and marvel at traditional know-how.

Another activity that takes place only in the spring is of course spring skiing! This twist on the classic winter sport involves unique thrills and an invigorating atmosphere. It’s the perfect opportunity for skiers to have one last go at the trails before putting away their equipment until next winter.

And speaking of skiing, a number of ski resorts plan end-of-season celebrations – like the “Splash” challenges, where brave skiers hurtle down the slopes to finish their run in a pool of water. The cheerful, festive atmosphere is usually amplified with entertainment and music – not to mention some great après-ski fun!

It’s an opportunity to rediscover the outdoors

Mild weather and the first rays of spring sunshine mean landscapes are decked out in magnificent shades of green. Gardens and parks with flowering trees, in particular, paint the scenery in a rainbow of colours and tree buds take turns poking out across the province, inspiring us to admire nature’s awakening.

Plant life in the spring is definitely spectacular, but animals also have their turn to shine! In zoos and parks, hibernating species awaken and mating season begins. It’s a great time to discover the full diversity of Quebec’s wildlife.

Spring is the best time of year for birdwatching. The number of species that can be seen increases with the return of migratory birds, and since trees are still bare of foliage, the birds are easier to spot. It’s also when the males display their most vibrant plumage.

Waterfalls intensified by increased water flow from melting snow are wonderful to admire in the spring! Whether you spot small waterfalls along a hiking path or travel to the roaring Montmorency Falls, you’ll want to take a picture or shoot a short video to immortalize nature in all its splendour.

Woman walking on a stone path through a flower garden.
Take time to admire the awakening of nature! Photo credit: Michel Julien

A row of fishermen fishing from the top of a dam.
Spring also heralds the opening of the fishing season. Photo credit: Michel Julien

Some of our favourite long-awaited sports are back

Spring also heralds the return of many sports we’ve had to leave aside under the snowflakes. Die-hard fans of cycling, fishing, golfing and other summer sports will be thrilled to get back on two wheels or dust off their rods and clubs! And if you’re new to these sports and want to finally try them out this year, you’ll find that there’s no better time than spring to get started!

Rafting is another sport that makes a comeback in the spring! When water levels start to drop, many of Quebec’s rivers set the stage for thrill-seekers to take on awesome challenges. If rafting is a first for you, be sure to deal with specialized adventure tourism businesses to ensure that your white-water outing is as safe and enjoyable as possible!

Spring getaway, anyone?

Whether you’re looking to hit the road for a few days, fill up a long weekend or celebrate Mother’s Day in style, there are plenty of great reasons to get away from it all this spring. There are probably more than you might think!

How about a well-deserved break where the goal is just to relax? There’s nothing like a day at the spa or a few nights at a hotel, inn or B&B to reconnect with your inner nature and appease your body and mind. If you’re planning a trip with the kids, you’ll be happy to know that many hotels combine a spa, pool and water games so that the whole family can have fun at the same place. Many hotels also combine access to relaxation facilities and fine food as part of package deals.

Did you know spring marks the return of the whales to the mighty St. Lawrence River? These majestic marine mammals can be visible as soon as the ice is gone around mid-May. Hopping on a cruise departing from the maritime regions of Quebec is ideal for getting a close-up of these giants of the sea.

A mother and daughter looking at an orchid.
Any occasion is a good reason to celebrate Mom this spring! Photo credit: Michel Julien

Exterior of a stone-walled museum, surrounded by a tulip-covered ground.
Museums are filled with enriching experiences, regardless of the weather. Photo credit: Michel Julien

Indoor activities abound too!

As we all know, spring sometimes surprises us by throwing four seasons at us in a single day. And as much as we love the outdoors, sometimes Mother Nature can be unpredictable. But there’s no need to worry, because you can always rely on indoor activities.

Throughout the year, museums unveil new exhibitions and activities, so you’ll never be short on discoveries to be made. There’s also plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed in theatres, concert halls and casinos!

And if you’re a thrill-seeker, karting and escape rooms promise to give you a good dose of adrenalin and get your brain working.

More springtime delights

  • Eating the first ice cream cone of the year.
  • Taking it easy on a patio, with your sunglasses on, to soak in the heat of the sun and enjoy a drink or a meal.
  • Visiting farmers’ markets to fill up on seasonal ingredients and homegrown products.
  • Rediscovering the joy of camping.

Good to know

Although some businesses are open year-round, others have seasonal schedules and may open later than others. So depending on when you’re planning your spring outing, it’s always best to check the availability of activities and opening times in advance. Be sure to also check the weather and think about packing different clothing options.

Close-up of a market stall, with a sign reading 'Spring garlic' in French.
Spring markets are back! Photo credit: Patricia Delisle

Are you looking for places to stay, great offers, ideas for outings and ready-made packages to help you plan your spring getaway? Take a look at our carefully curated suggestions for food lovers and relaxation seekers as well as for active people eager to enjoy the best of spring.

And if you’re already dreaming of your summer vacation, now’s the time to book early for your summer vacation and take advantage of the best prices and availability.

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