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La ferme chez Cassis et Mélisse
The farm at Cassis et Mélisse

Quebec is bursting with flavour! Terroir products are truly unique, delicious and reveal a piece of regional cultural identity. Whether you want to sample directly at the source or bring a tasty souvenir back home or as a gift, you’ll find no shortage of options to meet with local producers and artisans that showcase the bounty of the land with passion and know-how.

Say cheese, please!

On the road to the Brome-Missisquoi wine-growing region, plan a stop at the lip-smacking Fromagerie Missiska, for pure, preservative-free, flavoursome cheeses made from Jersey cattle milk, impressively dubbed the “champagne of milk”. Extraordinary finds will delight cheese fans, who can sample their purchases on the terrace on site.

In the Appalachian Foothills, get a taste of the farm life at Cassis et Mélisse. Goats grazing in the pastures produce extremely high-quality milk, which results in delicious organic-certified goat cheeses! Drop by the store stocked with everything you need to prepare a 100% local feast, a great ideal for a day out with the family!

If you visit the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region, head over to the Fromagerie au Pays-des-Bleuets to discover four kinds of farmer’s cheese produced from the milk of the farm’s Ayrshire cows. This must-see cheese shop certified by the Terroir et Saveurs du Québec organization also offers various activities for families and welcomes you year round.

Travelling to the maritime regions is a great way to indulge your taste buds. Visit the Fromagerie des Basques to choose from a wide selection of aged cheeses as well as day-fresh curds and blocks. In the Gaspésie region at Fromagerie du Littoral, discover delicious farmer’s cheeses, including the Rayon d’Or, a one-of-a-kind cheese in Canada with probiotics. Bon appétit!

Exquisite sweets

When in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region in western Quebec, veer off toward Les Chocolats Martine. This chocolate shop in the marina by the lake sells many products that have put the region on the map: artisanal chocolates, pastries, chocolate bars, not to mention gift ideas. A true foodie’s paradise!

Chocolate is also the star in Mistassini at La chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes, a magnificent chocolate factory run by Trappist monks and a site rich with history. The whole family is in for an amazing treat and chocolate connoisseurs will be thrilled to explore the shop.

La chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes
La chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes

If honey is your sweetener of choice, plan a road trip to Sherbrooke to see La Miellerie Lune de Miel, a honey farm that teaches you about the fascinating world of bees. Visitors of all ages will love watching the bees hard at work, seeing the opening of the hive by a beekeeper and exploring the museum on site. Discoveries that are sure to pique your curiosity!

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